Jesus' last command is what drives our outreach. We are to make disciples of all nations and be His witnesses to the ends of the earth. (Mt. 28:19-20; Acts 1:8)

Liberty supports over 60 missionaries and organizations through prayer and finances. We also send various teams throughout the year on short-term missions trips to bring encouragement and help to missionaries in and outside the U.S. borders. On top of this, Liberty holds an annual Missions Conference. This conference draws missionaries around the world to our church to share what God is doing globally while also focusing our church in on global missions.

How can I help?

Pray. Request a list of the missionaries Liberty supports, put it in your Bible or in a place that is easy to find, and commit to pray for each ministry every week. Prayer is the foundation of our missions efforts and our only confidence for success.

Give. Support a missionary by giving a set amount each month. Ask God to lead you in what you should give for the global cause of making disciples.

Go. Consider going on a short-term missions trip and pray that God would lead you in what He would have you to do globally.


Name Mission Field Contact Website

Bret and Katie Anderson – Spain
Randy & Gwendolyn Ashcraft – Thailand
Don and Marilyn Averill  – Family Life
Bradley and Annie Balfour – Las Vegas
Bearing Precious Seed USA
Kevin and Stacy Berg – Native Americans
Steve and Karen Borders – LA County
Alejandro and Melissa Bravo – Chile
Nathan Brock - Reaching & Teaching International Ministries
Ann Chechowich – Slavic Missionary Service
Child Evangelism Fellowship - USA
Verlis Collins – Mexico
Robert and Aly Cupps – Peru
Carolyn Curtis – S.O.S. Events
Jeff Demarest – South Africa
Seth and Jennifer Demarest – Uganda
Jeff and Jodi Demerly – ABWE
Nap and Shirley Donado – The Philippines
Matt and Katie Dooney – Word of Life
Jack and Dona Eggar – Global Children's Network
Julio and Susie Esquivel - Brazil, Word of Life
Pete and Sunnie Frank – Gospelink
Rick and Mary Glover – Awana
Gospelink – Africa/Ukraine
Grant County Rescue Mission
Christian and Shawna Hendrick – Congo
Ron and Barb Hodge – USA
Hope Children's Home USA
Ramon and Lavinia Ibanez – Puerto Rico
Indigenous Outreach USA
Simon and Elizabeth Jacob – Pakistan
Jim and Carla Junge – Church Planting, Retired ABWE Ghana
Dave and Luci Kiamu – Liberia
David and Bethanna Kwast – Indonesia
Duane and Joy Lauver – Colombia
Don and Linda Leaf – Brazil
Mike and Lidia Lemma – Mexico
Jon and Joni McGinnis – Costa Rica
Andy and Lindsey Messmer – Spain
Caleb and Alair Mitchell – Jamaica
Jerry and Rita Morris – Mexico
Jurgen and Sherri Notz – Germany
Justin Notz - Reaching Germany Together
Josh and Sabrina Pannell - Ethiopia
Alice Payne – USA
Scott and Dominique Pethtel – Italy
Pregnancy Help Center - Marion, IN
Mark and Lynette Reimschisel – Global Signet Group
John and Marcia Riggs – Zambia
Sam and Hannah Roodi – Muslims
Ben and Karen Royer – Brazil
Dan and Becky Royer – Brazil
Jon and Pam Sharp – Chile
Junior and Bree Souza - Brazil
Josh and Ashley Freeman – Togo
John and Emily Slater – Ireland
Josh and Denise Steward – Ireland
Dan and Kathy Stokes – ETHNOs 360
Gerson and Betsy Tejeda – Mexico/Texas
Micah and Misti Watkins - Thailand
Nathan and Jackie Watkins - Thailand, ABWE
Paul and Rachel Weber – Australia
David and Tracey Westbrook – Australia
White's Residential Home USA
David and Debbie Woodard – ABWE
John Yingling – Baptist Int'l Outreach
Dwight and Phyllis Zimmerman – Cedine Camp