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Family Matters

We are reminded that following Jesus changes our grip on this life, so that our hands loosen on the things of this world and often grip tighter to the people and relationships God has put in our life. Our relationships will bear one of two fruits, either good fruit to the glory of God, or fruit that is rotten and devastating to those around us. There is no greater opportunity to produce good fruit than in our relationships with our family or with those in our church family. Both of these family relationships matter a great deal to the Lord, or He would have not given them to us as good gifts to be stewarded. Prayerfully consider what God has to say to us from His Word in the coming weeks as we hear about some good and not so good models in the Bible for our lives together, and may we bear good fruit in all our Family Matters.

November 13, 2022

Prodigal Either Way, November 13, 2022 (AM)

Preacher: Pastor Chris Williams Series: Family Matters Scripture: Genesis 4, Luke 15:11–32

October 30, 2022

For Better or Worse - October 30, 2022 (AM)

Preacher: Pastor Aaron McCauley Series: Family Matters Scripture: Acts 4:32– 5:11

October 16, 2022

‘Til Death Do Us Part - October 16, 2022 (AM)

Preacher: Pastor Terry Bishir Series: Family Matters Scripture: Genesis 23:1–2, 1 Peter 3:1–7

October 16, 2022

Devastating Sin, Amazing Grace - October 16, 2022 (PM)

Preacher: Andrew Winey Series: Family Matters Scripture: Genesis 19